Civil test house, a premier Civil Engineering organization offer wide range of facilities like Construction Material Testing, Mix Designs, Geo-Technical Investigation, Pavement Study, Surveying and Structural Rehabilitation etc.. Under one roof. Civil Test House is a leading testing laboratory in India, providing laboratory services in the field of Road and Building. Proudly proclaimed as first of its own kind in the private sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This laboratory offers testing and advisory services across the country.

Civil test house is technically competent Organization with a team of experts and dedicated professionals including Engineers, Technicians and other Experts. Civil test house adopts a well-structured quality assurance and management system to carry out various types of testing and services and with a strong commitment to Aim and objective of providing complete solutions to its clients. The Civil test house endeavors to keep up the relentless efforts in finding the sound and quality solutions.

Non Destructive Testing Services

Non destructive testing (NDT) covers a wide group of techniques used to evaluate the properties of a material, part, product, weld, or system without materially affecting the integrity of the unit being inspected or investigated under the test procedure.

Core Extraction and testing, Half Cell Potentiometer test, Carbonation test, Chemical Analysis of Concrete,

Material Lab Testing Services

These laboratories offer advanced characterisation testing in order to assess the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of materials as well as the quality control of materials and processes.

Materials testing is a respected and established technique that is used to ascertain both the physical and mechanical properties of raw materials and components. It can be used to examine almost anything from human hair to steel, ceramics, or composite materials.