Geotechnical Services

 Welcome to our leading Geotechnical Company in Chennai, your ultimate partner for exceptional geotechnical investigation services. In the realm of civil engineering, we stand as experts, offering an all-encompassing suite of solutions meticulously designed to assess soil properties and ascertain their suitability for your construction ventures.

Our accomplished team boasts unmatched proficiency, utilizing cutting-edge equipment to conduct a diverse array of tests, including the renowned California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test, comprehensive soil investigations, and precise plate load tests. Among our specialized skills, the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test takes center stage, delving into the strength and bearing capacity of soil across varying conditions. With a wealth of experience at our disposal, we bring forth accurate and dependable CBR test results, a testament to our dedication.

Our prowess extends beyond CBR testing. Our geotechnical investigation company in Chennai has a suite of services that uncover the essence of soil characteristics, forming the bedrock for robust foundations. Armed with profound insights and fortified by state-of-the-art equipment, our geotechnical survey team adeptly analyzes soil samples, conducts meticulous soil analyses, and proffers tailored foundation solutions.

Soil Testing

Our soil laboratory, a bastion of technological advancement, is the hub where precision reigns supreme. By embracing advanced techniques, we master the art of soil sampling analysis, ensuring your engineering needs are met with unwavering accuracy. It’s imperative to note that our soil testing services not only meet industry standards but also garner acclaim from regulatory agencies across India.

A vital component of our expertise lies in specialized testing. Our adept team doesn’t stop at CBR testing; we delve deeper with plate bearing tests and pile integrity testing. This meticulous scrutiny of soil behavior provides the bedrock for safe and secure design, paving the way for a resilient project structure. From the field to the laboratory, quality and precision are our guiding stars. With the capability to handle drilling tasks up to 80 meters in both soil and rock, our field testing team guarantees exhaustive site investigations that lay the groundwork for your projects’ success.

If your pursuit involves top-tier geotechnical engineering services and pinpoint accurate soil testing, look no further. Our team of experts is unwaveringly committed to delivering solutions that can be trusted to form a strong and stable foundation for your ventures. Connect with us today and experience the epitome of geotechnical investigation excellence from the forefront Geotechnical Company in Chennai. Your journey to dependable construction starts here.


Services We are Providing

1. Standard Penetration
2. Cone Penetration Test – SCPT,DCPT,DPSH
3. Field CBR
4. Field Vane Shear Test
5. Field Permeability Test (SOIL & ROCK)
6. Pile Load Test

7. Plate Load Test
8. Block Vibration Test
9. Piezometer Installation
. Pressure Meter Test

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