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We provide various services for the Indian Road Network Sector that includes expressways, national highways, state highways, major district roads and rural roads. This enables our client to apprehend to the quality and development of roads as per IRC, NHAI and MoRTH Standards.


Highway engineering is an engineering discipline branching from civil engineering that involves the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads, bridges, and tunnels to ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods. Highway engineering became prominent towards the latter half of the 20th Century after World War II.

Standards of highway engineering are continuously being improved. Highway engineers must take into account future traffic flows, design of highway intersections/interchanges, geometric alignment and design, highway pavement materials and design, structural design of pavement thickness, and pavement maintenance.


DPR - Roads, Bridges

Detailed project report is a complete document for investment decision-making, approval, planning.

Topography survey

A Topographic Survey is a survey that gathers data about the elevation of points on a piece of land and presents them as contour lines on a plot.

Pavement Evaluation

The pavement condition survey is a visual inspection of the travelway of a street/road system. The survey provides measures to assess the magnitudes of

Contour Survey

contour is an outline of a mass of land. A contour or detailed survey is done by a surveyor and required before you can start on the design of your

Traffic Survey & Analysis

Classified Traffic Volume Counts Survey is conducted to understand the traffic characteristics in term of average daily traffic, traffic composition, peak hour traffic and directional split at individual survey locations.

Benkelman Beam Deflection

The Benkelman Beam Deflection Method is thus widely used for Evaluation of Structural Capacity of Existing Flexible Pavements and also for Estimation and Design of Overlays for Strengthening of any weak pavement

Bump Integrator

Velciti is a best bump integrator testing company in India. Our engineers will done the bump integrator test perfectly and give you the accurate reports. See our bump integrator testing works below,

3D projects

Smart city