Pavement Condition Survey

The pavement condition survey is a visual inspection of the travelway of a street/road system. The survey provides measures to assess the magnitudes of various types of pavement distress. … A computer program is used to analyze distress (condition) data to determine a pavement (road surface) condition rating (PCR).

IRI Pavement Survey

The International Roughness Index (IRI) is the roughness index most commonly obtained from measured longitudinal road profiles.IRI is also used to evaluate new pavement construction, to determine penalties or bonus payments based on smoothness.

Pavement Distresses

Rutting is a linear, surface depression in the wheelpath. Rutting is caused by deformation or consolidation of any of the pavement layers or subgrade. It can be caused by insufficient pavement thickness, lack of compaction, and weak asphalt mixtures. Shoving is the formation of ripples across a pavement.

Pavement Condition Survey