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Velciti is a pioneer Geophysical Investigation Company India , providing both contracting and consulting services to various clients all over the India. we are certified civil engineering consultants in India offering you the best services in all major civil engineering fields. Velciti have high range of geophysical investigation instruments. And further implementing more equipment’s to increase the accuracy of every geophysical survey. We display you the best results by repeating the test using latest technologies. In India we are one of the leading geophysical investigation firm, using recent technologies to give the best solutions.

Geophysical Survey

Our Geophysical survey engineer’s will give you the best and long range survey reports after wide investigation of soil in client land area’s. Our given data’s are best in market. We won’t give you the report’s by doing simple tests. Experts completely analyze your site without any damages. Our data reports are always unique with perfect points. We done Geophysical survey all over India for past 18 years. Now we stand in this field as a trusted one because of our perfection in works even if you offers the small time to us. Once you commit with Velciti, our Velciti engineers will spend lot of time with you and clear all kind of doubts related to our survey.


First of all Geophysical testing is carried out to determine the properties and nature of the soil by physically not disturbing it It belongs to the category of Non Destructive Testing. The test is done by passing the electrical signal from various sources through the soil and the received signal is interpreted to obtain the parameters for design purpose. Velciti Engineering

Consulting Service

The services included are listed below: