Highway Consultants India

Velciti is the leading highway consultants India. We construct highways and other road lines with world class technologies. Also we will touch with you in whole project. In addition , we will provide you the complete progress details of each and every stage. While many other consultants in line for quality road line construction, probably Velciti highway consultants are the best one in market.


We provide various services for the Indian Road Network Sector that includes expressways, national highways, state highways, major district roads and rural roads. This enables our client to apprehend to the quality and development of roads as per IRC, NHAI and MoRTH Standards.

Consulting Service

The services included are listed below:

  • Detailed Project Report(DPR)
  • Topographic survey
  • Contour survey
  • Bump Integrator(IR test)
  • Benkelmann Beam Deflection
  • Axle load survey
  • Traffic survey
  • Pavement condition survey
  • Boundary stones
  • Digitalization
  • Electronic Survey
  • Alignment preparation
  • Key plan preparation
  • Total station survey
  • DGPS survey
  • Land acquisition DPR
  • Cycle track development
  • Time delay survey
  • ATCC survey

The services included are listed below:

  • Highway DPR Consultants
  • Highway consulting services
  • Design Engineering Services
  • Prebid Engineering Services
  • Consulting Services In Roads
  • DPR for Roads, Bridges, Smart City Projects, Railway
  • Supervision of Infra projects
  • Tourism Development , DPR for Tourism
  • Road Testing Services
  • Junction Development
  • Traffic Survey Services
  • Topographical Survey Services
  • Contour Survey Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • GAD preparation
  • Good for construction drawings
  • Pavement evaluation studies
  • Axle load survey
  • BBD survey
  • Origin destination survey